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AMPIO means “Ample” in Italian. It offers a modern deep and low seat and two feather cushions that can be adjusted for a relaxed or more supported seating style. It is designed around the idea of generosity, and truly deserves a sit to understand the level of comfort. Customizable in a variety of fabrics and leatherettes; see store for samples. Proudly made in Canada!

Ampio - sectional

  • Item     Dimensions
    Chair  AM10 48.0”W x  44.0”D
    Love seat  AM20 70.0”W x 44.0"D
    Condo  AM30 84.0”W x 44.0”D
    Corner  AM50 44.0”W x 44.0”D
    Chair Armless AM13 36.0”W x 44.0”D
    Love seat 0arm AM23 58.0”W x  44.0”D
    Condo Armless  AM33 72.0”W x 44.0”D
    Lounge Armless AM53 42.0”W x  62.0”D 



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