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The Biscaro Barstool is nothing short of impressive. This barstool is the minimalist's perfect idea of accentuating modern appeal in their bar space. Handcrafted in Canada the Biscaro Barstool meets the highest expectation when it comes to modern appeal and luxurious quality. Monochromatic and timeless, this everyday barstool is subtle yet suitable in only the most beautiful and contemporary areas to accentuate your space with class. Contact or visit store for accurate pricing information.



    Total depth: 23.25" 

    Seat height: 25.75"

    Total height: 40.5"  Seat depth: 22.5"
    Total width: 19.5"  Arm height: n/a 


    Available in: 


    Bar stool total height: 45" 

                   seat height: 29.75"


    Spectator total height: 47.5"

                    seat height: 32.75"

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