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Proudly made in Canada!

Available in 5 or 6 drawers configurations.


*This vendor asks that we not price their merchandise online. We are delighted to help you when you call, email, visit, or ask us in the chat below.


    • Available with glass top, porcelain top or entirely in
      wood veneer.
    • Starphire tempered glass top with a flat polished edge
      (1/2” thick).
    • 6 mm porcelain top.
    • Wood veneer is available in a variety of water-based
      UV-cured finishes.
    • Wood veneer on particle board (1 1/8” thick).
    • Back in wood veneer is an option on the chest and dresser.
    • Available in all powder coated finishes and in Brass &
      Brushed Steel.
    • Fully welded internal steel frame.
    • Adjustable feet.
    • Visit store for samples.
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